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Building the next generation intelligent ultrasound

“High-quality universal maternal and newborn health care is not a privilege but the right of every child and every pregnant woman everywhere to access high-quality maternal and newborn care during and beyond crises. It is the responsibility of all stakeholders to ensure those rights, which can end preventable child deaths and suffering for both children and their families. This is possible in all settings, everywhere.”
WHO and UNICEF report July 2020

With Deepecho we want to be part of this journey and prove this right, as we believe that high-quality maternal and newborn health care are essential health services, which must be sustained to protect the lives and health of every women and every children.

Newborn children die every hour*
*According to The Lancet latest global report on neonatal death
Of newborn deaths, stillbirths and lifelong disabilities result from preventable and treatable conditions **
**According to UNICEF & World Health Organization July 2020 report
Poor-quality care accounts for 50% of maternal deaths
**According to UNICEF & World Health Organization July 2020 report
Supporting medical accuracy

to democratize access to quality diagnosis

At Deepecho we work hand in hand with radiologists, gynecologists and midwives to help improve medical accuracy and quality diagnosis. Less than 10 years remain to the SDG deadline of 2030.

It is our common goal to improve prenatal care and work on ending preventable newborn deaths and stillbirths worldwide by 2030. How we act now will determine the course of maternal and new-born health for the next decade.

Deep Echo Supporting medical accuracy

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Let’s change the world together

We are a growing start-up tackling a huge issue with potential to save countless lives worldwide. This mission drives us and drives everyone in our team, every day, as we are proud to be working on a project that has a powerful positive impact on the health and lives of future generations.

Considering the enormity of the task ahead, considering there is so much we can all do to help solve this issue, we would love to hear from you and receive any help and support in our journey to building and deploying Deepecho.

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